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Job: Marine ecosystem doctor. Unemployed
Founder of the Oceania Reserve ocean reserve
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Note: These are what worked for me. If these answers do not work for any reason. PM me (if possible) and i will try to troubleshoot the problem with you, if not please report it in the bug forum for Dreamzer to look into. If the answers and questions have been changed completely for whatever reason, then i apologize and cannot provide you with the answers. The only thing i am capable of doing in that circumstance is help you try to figure out what the correct answers are.
Updated 12/15/2016
The Amateur diver certificate
Question: Freedivers can hold their breath underwater for long periods of time.
Answer: Yes
Question: The study of oceans is called Oceanology
Answer: Yes
Question: An ocean reserve is meant to protect sea life from pollution and other problems.
Answer: Yes
Question: What allows fish to breathe?
Answer: They have gills
Question: Polar bears live on the ice.
Answer: Yes
Question: All seaweed is edible.
Answer: False
Question: The seahorse has no fin.
Answer: False
Updated 12/17/2016
The Maritime plant expert certificate answers
 Question: There are over 300 species of shark
Answer: True
Question: Where is the dorsal fin located on a fish?
Answer: On its back
Question: Among these marine animals, which plunges the deepest?
Answer: The sper whale
Question: Does the walrus have tusks?
Answer: Yes
Question: What is needed for algae to grow?
Answer: Light
Question: The Siberian seal is the smallest species of seal in the world.
Answer: True
Question: What do you call a group of fish?
Answer: A school
Updated 1/31/2017
The Fish and marine life expert certificate
(Thanks to Izziebrown for the help and assistance in testing and finding the correct answers, and ChanelSea for confirmation on the fixed answer) 
Question: What is the orange part of a scallop called?
Answer: The coral

Question: Is the sea urchin considered to be a mollusk?
Answer: No

Question: Dolphins have excellent vision.
Answer: True

Question: What do seals eat?
Answer: Fish

Question: The orca and dolphin are part of the same family.
Answer: True

Question: Some fish have bones.
Answer: True

Question: What type of water can salmon live in?
Answer: Both
Updated 1/22/2017
The Marine veterinarian certificate
Question: Do fish have eyelids?
Answer: No
Question: What is the average size of a swordfish?
Answer: More than 4 meters long
Question: What are the two possible flesh colors of tuna?
Answer: White and red
Question: What do most marine birds eat?
Answer: Fish
 Question: Do seagulls feed on the ground?
Answer: Yes
 Question: When a shark’s teeth fall out, it repels other sharks.
Answer: True
 Question: The harbor porpoise is the fastest marine animal.
Answer: False
Updated 1/22/2017
The Marine ecosystem doctor certificate answers
Question: What can be produced with sturgeon eggs?
Answer: Caviar
Question: Which of the following is the biggest shark?
Answer: The whale shark
Question: What makes up 96% of a jellyfish?
Answer: Water
Question: The sea urchin has eyes and ears. 
Answer: False
Question: How many legs does a shrimp have?
Answer: 10
Question: The blue whale is the largest animal on the planet.
Answer: Yes
Question: What color is the fur of baby seals?
Answer: White
Updated 1/27/2017
The Marine reserve manager certificate answers
Question: How many tentacles does an octopus have?
Answer: 8
Question: What is the average life expectancy of a polar bear?
Answer: Between 20 and 25 years
Question: Which of these fish is the smallest?
Answer: Sardine
Question: White sharks hunt sea lions and seals.
Answer: True

Question: Fish have only one fin.

Answer: False


Question: Are shrimp able to swim backwards?

Answer: Yes
Question: Do turtles have teeth?
Answer: No
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