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Please note: If any answers is be incorrect for you feel free to contact me, and i will assist in helping you figure it out. If it is incorrect for you and you have the correct answer(s) contact me with the certificate, question, and correct answer(s), I will then fix/update this for future players and give you credit for it.

Updated 12/15/16
The Amateur diver certificate

Question: Freedivers can hold their breath underwater for long periods of time.
Answer: Yes

Question: The study of oceans is called Oceanology
Answer: Yes

Question: An ocean reserve is meant to protect sea life from pollution and other problems.
Answer: Yes

Question: What allows fish to breathe?
Answer: They have gills

Question: Polar bears live on the ice.
Answer: Yes

Question: All seaweed is edible.
Answer: False

Question: The seahorse has no fin.
Answer: False

Updated 12/17/2016
The Maritime plant expert certificate

Question: There are over 300 species of shark
Answer: True

Question: Where is the dorsal fin located on a fish?
Answer: On its back

Question: Among these marine animals, which plunges the deepest?
Answer: The sper whale

Question: Does the walrus have tusks?
Answer: Yes

Question: What is needed for algae to grow?
Answer: Light

Question: The Siberian seal is the smallest species of seal in the world.
Answer: True

Question: What do you call a group of fish?
Answer: A school

Updated 1/31/2017
The Fish and marine life expert certificate
Credit and thanks to Izziebrown for assisting in testing and finding the answers, and to ChanelSea for confirming the fixed answer.

Question: What is the orange part of a scallop called?
Answer: The coral

Question: Is the sea urchin considered to be a mollusk?
Answer: No

Question: Dolphins have excellent vision.
Answer: True

Question: What do seals eat?
Answer: Fish

Question: The orca and dolphin are part of the same family.
Answer: True

Question: Some fish have bones.
Answer: True

Question: What type of water can salmon live in?
Answer: Both

Updated 1/22/2017
The Marine veterinarian certificate

Question: Do fish have eyelids?
Answer: No

Question: What is the average size of a swordfish?
Answer: More than 4 meters long

Question: What are the two possible flesh colors of tuna?
Answer: White and red

Question: What do most marine birds eat?
Answer: Fish

Question: Do seagulls feed on the ground?
Answer: Yes

Question: When a shark’s teeth fall out, it repels other sharks.
Answer: True

Question: The harbor porpoise is the fastest marine animal.
Answer: False

Updated 1/22/2017
The Marine ecosystem doctor certificate

Question: What can be produced with sturgeon eggs?
Answer: Caviar

Question: Which of the following is the biggest shark?
Answer: The whale shark

Question: What makes up 96% of a jellyfish?
Answer: Water

Question: The sea urchin has eyes and ears.
Answer: False

Question: How many legs does a shrimp have?
Answer: 10

Question: The blue whale is the largest animal on the planet.
Answer: Yes

Question: What color is the fur of baby seals?
Answer: White

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Thank you so much for posting, this is a huge help.

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You're welcome.

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Thank you for posting, Amutiel! This is a great help to all the newbies.

Please read, newbies, if you need any help with these.

Locking thread.

I used to be a Moderator, so if you need any help in the game, have any questions, comments or concerns, don't hesitate to PM me or post on my wall.
I accept all friend requests, answer all my PMs and wall posts, return votes, and try to welcome every player that posts in the forums.

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