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Hello! As a former oceanzer moderator, I would like to place some rules so the forums stay organized and everyone behaves at their best.

The following rules are enforced everywhere on Oceanzer - not just the forums. Forms of communication (breeder pages, wall posts, PMs, even dog names or club names) including this content will be removed if necessary, and their author sanctioned accordingly.

These are some of the topics forbidden on Oceanzer:
• Insults/rudeness
• Abusive
• Swearing/bad language
• Giving out excessive personal details
• Violent/graphic
• Promoting the use of illegal items
• Xenophobic (racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.)
• Sexual/suggestive
• Requesting of personal details against the player's wishes
• and any other kind of controversial behaviour

The following rules are rules for Oceanzer's forums. Players that break these rules will be sanctioned or warned accordingly.
Type with proper conventions. Excessive use of fonts/colour/size and ALL CAPS/aLtErNaTiNg CaSe will not be permitted. Elimin8 chtspk frm ur vocab, kepe typoos to a miniimumm, and try your best at proper conventions. Posts heavy with undecipherable or obnoxious text will be edited for readability.

No excessive characters. This includes emoticons , extra letters in a wordddddd, and punctuation!!!! Keep posts to 5 consecutive punctuation points and 3 consecutive emoticons and letters. Excessive characters will be edited out by moderation.

No irrelevancy. This includes irrelevant posts in topics, threads in the irrelevant forum, or irrelevant titles. If you have your own question for Player Support, are also buying the dogs someone is looking for, or just generally have nothing useful to contribute to a thread, don't post. Additionally, you are required to post in the subforum that pertains the most to your topic, and titles are required to be complete and relevant. Irrelevant posts in a thread will be deleted by moderation, threads in the wrong spot will be moved, and irrelevant titles will be edited.

No double posts. Only one post/thread per topic is permitted; this includes posts that redirect players to your first post, or posting the same thing in more than one forum. A double post due to a slow internet connection or computer happens, but deliberately spamming the forums is not permitted. Extra posts will be deleted.

No excessive bumping. Oceanzer's forums are still not very active yet and it can still be some time before you receive an answer on your thread. You are permitted two bumps per day, which is more than enough to ensure your thread is seen. However, please do not bump old, resolved, or dormant threads. A topic is considered dormant if it has not been posted on in two weeks or more.

Look around before posting. Make sure you're checking the sticky/ies posted in the forum you wish to post in, as they're probably relevant to you and may even give an answer to your inquiry. If you have a question for Player Support, check Game Help, the player submitted tips thread, or recently posted threads to see if your question is answered there. If you have a female dog you want to breed, check the public offerings and the already existent threads first. This will save time for both you and the other forum goers.

Leave moderation to the moderators. If a player is breaking the rules, leave it to moderation to deal with, or leave a simple reminder to follow the rules in a polite, constructive way. However, rude reprimands with no attempts to guide in the correct direction or resolve the original inquiry will not be tolerated, and depending on the frequency/severity, you may find yourself in trouble as well.

Personal information should not be shared on the game. Never give out private email addresses on the game, and never try to meet up in person with other players on the game. This rule will be strictly enforced, and failure to follow it could result in you being banned from the game. Asking for personal information of others against their wishes is strictly forbidden. Punishments for breaking this rule can range from a 24 hour forum ban to a complete ban from the game.

Failure to follow these rules may result in an informal or a formal warning being issued and, in some extreme cases, a forum ban may be issued. Consistent violations of the game rules could even result in a ban from the game.

Note that this list is not exclusive. The moderators reserve the right to add new rules or amend existing ones if they feel it is needed at any time. If you find any member breaking the rules please inform Singer2542 or ChanelSea so further action can be amended.

Follow the rules of the game and the site will be more enjoyable for everyone! Thanks and Have Fun!
-LoyalBuddy (former moderator)

(Rules stated on www.dogzer.net by the moderators and apply to all Dreamzer games)
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Old 11-25-2013, 07:22 PM
Please Everyone, These rules are important and makes moderating much easier for the moderators
Oceanzer Mod
I am an Oceanzer Mod!

As A Forum Moderator I take responsibility in helping out in the forums.
If you have any questions let me know.

Useful Links for you Newbies

Site/Forum Rules

How to become a Mod

Useful info

I am also a Mod on singzer, farmzer, birdrama, tropicstory and lionzer so if you have any problems with them PM me.
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