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This fish game lets you play an amateur fisherman, quietly sitting next to a river and trying to catch as much carp, gudgeon, pike and other fish as he can. The goal of this game is simple: you have two minutes to fish for as many fish as you can. A little tip: it's the weight that counts in this game so go for the biggest, fattest fish!
You will get a little tutorial at the start to understand how to play. To cast your line, click on your fisherman's head and hold down. Drag your mouse towards the water and let go to cast your line. Then use the scroll button on your mouse or click lots of your fisherman's head to reel in your line, making sure you aim for the fish.
Wait for one to bite the bait and listen to your friend's advice. He'll let you know if it's worth reeling in or not (it might be a crab!) If it's not a fish, cut your line to save time instead of reeling it in. You can do this by moving your mouse back and forth over your line, in a cutting movement.
But if your friend thinks you've got yourself a real catch, you need to reel in your fish!
Use the scroll button or click on the head of your fisherman to reel in the line. Be careful not to break it. You'll see a bar warning you if it might break and you need to stay out of the red zone!
You'll see the weight of your catch and this will be added to the total weight of all the fish you've caught.
The biggest, fattest fish are further away and more difficult to catch then the small ones but they will make your score go up faster.
It's up to you to decide how you want to fish and show us your fishing skills in this virtual fishing game!

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