Free animal game: Fishing contest

In this virtual game, you play a professional fisherman out fishing in a big pond. The goal of this fishing game is simple: catch as much carp, gudgeon, pike and other fish as you can. Click and hold down to set the power then let go to cast your line into the pond. Then click little by little to reel in your line and try to aim for the fish.
A green halo appears around the fish who might be biting. The halo goes red if the fish gets away or yellow if he starts attacking the bait.
As soon as the fish bites the bait, you need to make sure the hook catches by moving your mouse left and right as quickly as possible.
The hardest part of this game is not wasting the bait you have. Be careful because sometimes the fish manage to eat the bait before you get a chance of catching them with the hook.
Also, every time you cast your line, a fish species will appear on the bottom right of the game. This is the bonus fish and you'll get bonus money if you catch this kind of fish.
To pass the level and move on to the next, you must reach a certain amount of money before running out of bait. Then you'll change your location to fish in a swamp, for example. And you'll see new fish species too!
How much money will your catch get you? Show that you're a real fisherman in this virtual fish game!

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