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Oceanzer offers you thousands of animals pictures posted by players. You can browse through all the photos, or you can filter to only see the animals of a particular species.

Every marine animal has a page, where you can:
- vote for this marine animal;
- see a larger version of the picture;
- find out more about this marine animal by reading its presentation text;
- post a message on its wall.

You can also participate in the community by uploading your own pictures of animals and providing periodic updates about them in their presentation texts or on their walls.

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New photos of marine animals

Bear nounour 37 -  Male (6 years)
nounour 37
Fish Betta -   (Has just been born)
Fish Betta -   (Has just been born)
Fish Moshi -  Male (2 months)
Fish Général bulle -  Male (10 months)
Général bulle
Fish Fisch -   (Has just been born)

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